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Soulies 2016
If you’ve ever wondered what NEXT is like, but don’t have a spare year just to test it out – well here is your answer! NEXT is all around the place at Soul Survivor:

  • There is a ‘NEXT Stream’ of  Seminars on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the festival,
  • Mia will be holding space during the main session on Friday night (which is free!)
  • and you can meet and greet our wonderful (and helpful) students who are helping to make Soulies happen (they’re the ones in the NEXT T-shirts)


Our seminars are intended for late-teens, young adults and leaders, and while they are designed to give you a taste of what a year at NEXT is like, they also will give you some great insight into living and leading faithful lives.

Milestones, Transitions and Rites of Passage

When a young person experiences a significant change, their faith has to change as well—or it might just get left behind. Come and learn about some of the major transitions that take place through the late teens and early 20s and the ways in which we can helpfully accompany young people through these times. This seminar is intended for Youth and Young Adult leaders [Hosted by Rowan Lewis]

Signs and Symbols

Ever wonder why people wear crosses around their necks? Or put fish stickers on their cars? Why Gargoyles adorn church buildings or saints are depicted holding all kinds of weird and wonderful things? Symbols are a language that can help us understand who we are, where we’ve come from and what story we belong to. As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words…the question is which ones? Join the treasure hunt for meaning as we examine some of our most iconic symbols of faith. [Hosted by Mia Kafeiris]

Oh My Disney

Were you born between 1985 and yesterday? You have lived in the greatest age of animation since the beginning of motion pictures. The Walt Disney company has created some of the most beloved and enduring stories the world has ever known and they have shaped a generation’s self understanding, morals, virtues and our experience of what it means to be people of faith, hope and trust. If you’re a movie lover, a fan or critic alike come along to hear how Disney has impacted the lives of young people everywhere and what this might mean for our lives in faith and relationships with God. [Hosted by Mia Kafeiris]

When it’s hard to believe

I  don’t know about you, but there are some days when God feels a million miles away, on mute, or even that His very existence just seems ridiculous. If this has been your experience then you aren’t alone.  Many have walked these roads before (even Jesus!). [Hosted by Rowan Lewis]

So if you see a NEXT T-shirt wondering past, say ‘Hi’ and ask them how there year is going.

You can check out more of what NEXT is up to on the Soulies website here – though there is much more going on than what is on the website.


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