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Honestly, I love what we do at NEXT.

Year after year, a courageous community of young men and women, seeking answers to the big questions of life come together and undertake a year like no other.

  • What have you discovered to be deeply true this year?
  • What convictions anchor your life?
  • Who helps you live out these convictions?


And after all the learning and exploring, dancing and laughing, praying and seeking, one of the great challenges is to bring it all together.  What can we now say that we deeply believe? are committed to? have found to be true?


In the last weeks of NEXT, we work together to clarify our responses to four big questions:

  1. Creed: What do we stand for?
  2. Conflict: What do we stand against?
  3. Confession: How have we contributed to the brokenness of our world?
  4. Customs: How do we practice the true, the good and the beautiful things of God?

These all come together into what we call a pledge – a commitment we make to one another to live in a way that embodies these convictions.


I am always stunned by what emerges – and evidently, so was a pastor who attended our final service last year where he witnessed this pledge.

This year’s NEXTers crammed a magical year of faith, fun and friendship into 37 power-packed statements and 925 thoughtful words.  Here’s just a few of them.










Some of you might read these statements and think that they don’t sound like classical statements of Christian belief and practice.  And in some respects, this may be so. But then NEXT is not quite so focused on encouraging young adults to recite previous formulations of Christian faith.  These ancient formulations are definitely the font from which we drink deeply, but the task for young adults seeking to own their faith demands that they translate these truths into their everyday.

And so our NEXT students have experienced this year as something of an awakening.  A year of finding their voice and lending their shoulder to the challenges:

of being hospitable,
of seeking hope,
of confronting duhaminisation (in themselves and those around them),
of including instead of isolating and excluding
of engaging instead of avoiding
of taking responsibility instead of remaining in ignorance
of actively seeking restoration, and
of committing to the ongoing process of growing in God.
(to name just a few)

As you engage in this season of longing for the Christ child, you may want to ponder these questions:

  • What have you discovered this year?
  • What convictions anchor your life?
  • Who helps you live out these convictions?

If you find it hard to answer these questions … maybe you should  join us in 2018.

Discover more about NEXT here.



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