A new unit is being offered this semester at Whitley DP2010W / DP9010W Personal Formation for Generational Ministry. It focuses NOT on the techniques of ministry, but on the person of the minister and their formation. Here’s the details …


I don’t know about you, but sometimes being involved in ministry frightens the heck out of me.

Here’s what I mean.

Ministry can be thought of as the human participation in Divine Action that brings life to one another.

From one perspective, ministry is all about what God is doing.

But of course, that is not the whole story.

Ministry is a very human activity or at least has a very human dimension to it

As ministers, Divine Action takes the form of our flesh and blood, our personality, our skills and creativity, our faulty wiring, our foibles and our fallenness. It is the sharing of treasure that comes wrapped in jars of clay (2 Cor 4:7).

A new unit …

I’m really excited about this new unit that I am running at Whitley College in conjunction with Graham Stanton of Ridley College. Together, this unit has been over a decade in the making.

Personal Formation for Generational Ministry is an invitation to take a deep dive into yourself as a minister. Your identity, personality, attachments, self-awareness, spirituality, engagement with power – all of you as a person.

Let’s be honest, the effect of your ministry upon others is not about technique it is about personhood.

Our hope for you as you undertake this unit, is that you will become increasingly conscious and self-aware as you engage in ministry – what we call ministering ‘above the line.’ Your professional practice will grow because you will develop:

  • effective practices for personal and spiritual vitality,
  • a capacity to critically examine the interpersonal dynamics present within ministry
  • an awareness of how we get entangled in family systems, congregational dynamics and power structures
  • constructive responses including personal boundaries, self-differentiation and a network of support.


Generational Ministry…

The particular context of ministry we examining is Generational Ministry – by which we mean those engaged in ministry to, for and with younger people and their families.

There are a unique set of personal and institutional challenges that face those of us in generational ministry; the dynamics of power, vulnerability and development come together uniquely in this context.

The kinds of deeply personal questions we have encountered in Generational Ministers as we developed this unique include:

  • Sometimes it is hard to deal with the pain and difficulty I witness in these young people. What should I do?
  • I can speak confidently on stage, but when I talk to this staff member or that parent, I just go to pieces. Why is that?
  • Sometimes in meetings I get reactive and defensive. I know that sometimes it puts people off. Why do I react this way?
  • What is going on inside me when I just can’t say no?

The moments of ministry come packaged in the everyday moments of life – your life, the life of the community AND the life of the young people whom we serve.

This unit has been specifically crafted to help unpack this complexity. To take stock of your unique calling, personality and skills and the ways these interact with God, Young People and the ministry setting.

The Details …

This unit is running as an intensive in this Semester 2, 2019. It is available to people studying at Undergraduate and Graduate Level (Diploma, Advanced Diploma Bachelor, Graduate Diploma and Masters) as well as for people seeking to study for interest only (Audit)

Unit Title: Personal Formation for Generational Ministry
Unit Code: DP2010W / DP9010W
Delivery Mode: Intensive
Dates: Aug 19, Sep 23 – 27, Oct 28. All classes run 9:00am – 5:00pm.

More information available here.

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