NEXT Philosophy

NEXT is not a gap-year … well, not exactly. And it won’t get you a job… at least, not straight away. Instead we focus on your character, identity and questions of faith, so that you can face the world with confidence and a sense of purpose and calling.

At the heart of NEXT is the conviction that faith must grow up. A simple faith is fine when life is straightforward. But a faith that doesn’t grow up and become more complex will get left behind when the going gets tough.

NEXT can help you to explore and discover what you believe, what is important to you, and how you can go about living that out. We work on this together by focusing on six areas of development:

1. Engaging Spirit – awakening to God’s transformative activity
2. Exploring Faith – authoring a creed strong enough to believe in
3. Discerning Culture – uncovering the world as God sees it
4. Seeking Justice – fuelling compassionate action where it is needed most
5. Growing Community – committing to authentic relationship among all people
6. Living Purposefully – thinking, speaking and acting with conviction.

These six areas of development have been woven together to form an integrated program based on proven principles of formation and development for emerging and young adults, including Growth Experiences, Directed and Self-directed Study, Community Time, Small Groups, Personal Coaching and Spiritual Retreats.

“It has been so good to explore and deepen my faith.  I suddenly realised that my understanding of God and faith was the same at 19 as when I was 9.  Before coming to NEXT I was ready to give up any thought of a remaining a Christian because it just seem so naive and simplistic.”

The best part is, you get to choose how this all works.  You see, NEXT is an integrated program made up of Core and Elective elements. The Core experience is set over two and a half days per week where everyone participates. But then you can also add to this Core experience other options to personalise NEXT and focus on the things you want.

Your CORE experience takes place through four key relationships that allow you to drive your development:

You & God:   Growing in your personal spirituality and engagement with God remains our key focus

You & your Formation Guide / Mentor:   Receiving individual coaching vitally supports your journey
You & your Formation Group:   Processing your year with the help of a facilitated small group helps you to unpack your experiences and make smart decisions for the future

You & the NEXT Community:   Teaching & Group activities that will broaden your understanding and experience of faith.

For those who want more, NEXT Electives allow you to go deeper into the areas of spirituality, creativity, social engagement, bible, theology, mission and much more!

“NEXT has been an unbelievable experience for me.  Its changed my perception of everything: money, God, society, politics, current affairs and people…. I’ve been exposed to a whole new faith.”   

But the best part is the flexibility of NEXT. The various combinations of CORE + Elective elements allow you to study part or all of a Higher Education Diploma across one, two or three years. NEXT’s flexibility also means you can combine your experience with other stuff – like working, or volunteering or even studying at another institution.