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NEXT is designed for post-high school students who are looking for something different while they are transitioning between whatever is now to whatever is … well … next.  At NEXT we focus on the big questions of life – who am I? what do I believe? and how can I go about living these realities out?  In short, faith, identity, friendship are what we talk about, explore and discover together.

NEXT is a unique experience of discipleship, spiritual formation and personal development wrapped up in a tailor-made program of accredited Diploma study for emerging and young adults.


Set over 3 days week, you will learn, discover, grow, and enjoy the eye-popping wonder of your faith, The Faith, and the world around you within a profound experience friendship, discipleship and community.



What makes NEXT so unique is that it has been purposefully designed (literally from the ground up) so that you can explore and discover what you believe, what really matters to you, and how you can go about living that out.  That’s it.  Everything is integrated around this one simple principle.

explore what you believe  ~  discover what really matters  ~  determine where you are going

NEXT Summary

Our program caters for 18 year olds right through to young adults in their mid twenties from all walks of life.   As an accredited Diploma offering, FEE-HELP is available.




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