A familiar story …

Jenny is feeling the pressure of being in her final year of high school. The end is well and truly in sight and final exams are looming like a spectre. Yet in and amongst all of this, there is a gnawing question of what to do next. “When all is said and done,” Jenny reminds herself about her upcoming exams, “this is just about keeping doors open for my future.” The problem is, soon she is going to have to step through one of these open doors, and she doesn’t know which one.

“Do you know what are you going to do next year?”

Sick of that question?  I know I was.  It ranked right up there with “What do you want to do when you’re older?” – a favourite question of caring relatives at family gatherings.

The reality is, most students finishing year 12 aren’t actually sure what they want to do or which career they know they would love.  Yet they are forced to make their selections early, and through applying for Uni or TAFE, must lock themselves in to a future career trajectory.  Experimenting with unknown career paths through study can be a very expensive pass-time.  Surely there is a better way?

NEXT is the course you can do while you are figuring out what you want to do with the rest of life.

It seems like every other Uni or TAFE course is fixated on skills that lead to a job. Now gaining skills and getting a job is a good thing – but we reckon its pretty important to know who you are, what you love, and ultimately where you are going in life FIRST – otherwise you run the risk of getting lost in the world of jobs, work and career.  



If you are thinking NEXT could be an option for you, but you don’t want to close the door on Uni or TAFE study – then there’s good news!

Applying for NEXT takes place directly with Whitley College. If you are in year 12, you do NOT use the VTAC process to apply for NEXT, instead your application can take place in parallel with the normal VTAC preferences and application process – that is, you can treat these as two separate processes that can take place alongside one another.

If you are thinking about undertaking further study after you’re finished with NEXT you have three options.

  1. NEXT seamlessly articulates into further study at Whitley College, including Advanced Diploma and Bachelor studies in Theology, Mission and Ministry.
  2. You can use your NEXT study (partial or completed Diploma) as evidence of post-high school / undergraduate study that can support your application into other institutions.
  3. You can complete your VTAC application / enrolment with another university and then seek to defer commencing your study there for a year. That way you can complete NEXT and then with the experience you’ve gained move on to your deferred study program.

Please Note: You can defer your uni course only 1) after you have received an offer; and 2) if your course allows deferrals. You can get more info about course deferral at the VTAC website ( but also check the information available that is specific to the course you are interested in enrolling in.

If you are thinking about doing NEXT and deferring your Uni place, it is best to begin the process of application with NEXT now so that we can make sure there are enough places for our 2016 intake. If course deferral subsequently becomes a problem for you, you can always cancel your NEXT application.




NEXT is an intentionally open program available to students from all kinds of backgrounds and abilities. There are, however, a few guidelines that shape the relevance of NEXT:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age at time of commencing study – this is a requirement of the Univeristy of Divinity, of which Whitley is a member College.
  • NEXT is designed specifically for the questions and challenges faced by emerging and young adults aged up into the mid 20s who find themself in a period of change or transition. Those who start the course at 18 will find it a challenge but often grow into it. Those who are older simply find themselves engaging with the questions raised by NEXT from a broader experience of life.
  • NEXT doesn’t require a minimum ATAR (Woo Hoo!) but you do need to have completed year 12. If you haven’t, the University needs to know that you can study at tertiary level, such as achieving a Certificate IV post-high school. If your ATAR is less than 50, we can offer you a provisional acceptance into the program. Provisional acceptance means you will need to show sufficient English language skills to write short essays as well as pass all your initial assessments in first term (which we can help you with through personal coaching and our study support process).



SO … WHAT’s NEXT (for you)?

Spaces for 2016 are limited and are taken on a first come first served basis. If you are still making up your mind about NEXT, get in touch with us for a chat or tee up a time for an interview. Talking it through always helps you get a better feel for what NEXT is all about, and if it’s a good fit for you.

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