MONDAY SEP 02, 11:00 AM – TUESDAY SEP 03, 3:00PM
St Teresa Spirituality Centre
267 Wellington St, Ormiston, QLD 4160



The National Roundtable is designed to bring together Denominational and ParaChurch leaders from all around the country who share the common task of being involved in Generational Ministry (Ministry to Children, Youth and Young Adults).

Imagine a gathering…

… that brings together only those who are your peers from around nation;
… where those present share the same kind of day-to-day responsibilities as you, but bring the diverse insight and perspective the comes from working in different states, denominational traditions and organisations.
… where the common obstacles and challenges facing generational ministry are identified and examined collegially
… where local Australian learnings are shared, giving you fresh resources, insight and perspective

This is a unique event because, even though we share much in common, we don’t always have the opportunity connect, learn, share resources and gain perspective from one another across denominational, organisational and geographic lines.


The National Roundtable offers the opportunity to:

  • Develop a national picture of generational ministry in contemporary Australia.
  • Meet and connect with those who share similar responsibilities and challenges as you
  • Explore the big ideas that are shaping generational ministry today
  • Examine the particular obstacles and opportunities that are being addressed in various contexts
  • Assess the cultural currents presently influencing young people and the church’s response.


The National Roundtable will NOT be like most other conferences. Our assumption is that your experience, brought into carefully structured conversation with others, is the expertise we need.

The content of the roundtable will be established prior to the event, but made up by those participating.  In the lead up, each you will have the opportunity to identify key projects that you are working on, any obstacles you are tackling or opportunities you are seeking to leverage. Structured conversation around these projects, obstacles and opportunities will then form the major content of the Roundtable.

  • Those presenting have the opportunity to road-test their ideas, share their learnings, and engage with feedback
  • Those listening have the opportunity to learn, critically engage, pick up ideas and discover new resources

There will also be lots of time to talk informally over good food and local coffee, reconnecting with old friends, making new connections and following up on conversations.


DATE: 11:00 AM Monday Sept 02  – 3:00 PM Tuesday Sept 03
LOCATION: St Teresa Spirituality Centre, 267 Wellington St, Ormiston, QLD 4160
COST: $250
INCLUDES: Everything – all meals, snacks, accomodation, bedding and towels. Special diets are accommodated. Just bring yourselves, comfortable clothes and toiletries.


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The inspiration for this event comes from two quite different sources.

Most immediately, this initiative emerged from a similar roundtable gathering held in 2018. That event focused on ministry to young adults and was hosted by the National Council of Churches Australia. Even though it was a brief gathering, it was a fantastic event and we experienced the potential that can happen when leaders united by a common cause come together from across denominational and organisational lines.

In the conversation that followed, an idea gathered momentum.

What if all the leaders from within denominations who have oversight roles within generational ministry came together for a roundtable discussion?
What could happen if all those people were in the same room over a couple of days?

The other source of inspiration comes from Canada. For the last 15 years, a similar national gathering of leaders – the Youth and Young Adult Ministry Roundtable – has been occurring in Canada. This gathering started humbly with a small group of educators and leaders, but as relationships and trust gathered momentum they have been able to facilitate major research youth ministry initiatives including the Hemorrhaging Faith report, Infusing Life, Youth Ministry – Now and Not Yet, and the most recent Renegotiating Faith report. In many ways, the Youth and Young Adult Ministry Roundtable has shaped generational ministry across that country for over a decade.


The Roundtable does not belong to anyone, is not the prerogative of any organisation, or housed within any denomination. It is genuinely intended to be a gathering of peers meeting for the purposes of facilitating generational ministry in its many forms.

But it has taken a few people to get it off the ground.

Rowan Lewis has been responsible for hassling some kind folk to get the ball rolling.  He is involved at Whitley College where he lectures in Youth Studies and heads up the NEXT program that offers Young Adults an accredited gap year experience.

Tom Schmidt has been instrumental in getting us organised. Tom works as the Young Adult Ministry Coordinator for the Lutheran Church in Queensland. Huge thanks to the LYQ for backing the Roundtable and providing the registration system to make it all happen.

John Marion has also provided valuable support and wise guidance in getting this thing off the ground.  John is the Youth Ministry Development Coordinator for the Salvation Army.

Many thanks also goes to Janet Woodlock who is responsible, more than any, for taking something that was only an idea and making it happen. Thanks also to Brad Case for his enthusiasm for this project and willingness to help get the ball off the ground.